You won’t stop the children of the revolution…

November 16, 2008 at 6:07 pm (Uncategorized) ()


The revolution is here! ‘Hooray!’ I hear you cry, which is likely to be followed by a look of confusion. ‘What revolution?’ Well, as strange as it may sound to those under the age of 30, the revolution to which I refer is the internet.

This may have confused you even more. You are not alone; I hadn’t considered myself to be in a revolution either. I always associated revolutions with particular characters in history, Che Guevara, Henry VIII, Martin Luther. Or with particular period in history, the industrial revolution, the French revolution, or the revolution of communication, beginning with the printing press in 1440.

Growing up with the internet meant I always assumed it had just been there. Of course, I knew that it hadn’t existed much past my first few years after birth, but I never really realised its potential or how it had been developing.

That is until I started looking at it more closely. I was one of those people who used to internet very superficially, just for msn (which was then taken over by my facebook addiction) and maybe to look up something for my school homework. It did not stretch further than that.

And that may not have been a bad thing. I was just an example of how the web can be used as a social tool. In fact, I was just using it for its desired purpose. The web was designed to be social and now people like me are stealing it back. I use the internet for many things now, but I still return to my roots and use social networking, and I am just one of the nearly 200 million members that do this.

The people are taking the internet back from corporations who have used if for profiteering. And why shouldn’t they have used it for this purpose? They saw a chance and seized it. But the balance was wrong and now it is shifting back to a slightly more even playing field. Joe Trippi, in his book, The Revolution will not be Televised, argues this, and says that the internet is being passed back to the people and will create a grassroots model for revolution.

Looking at it now, I am beginning to comprehend just what significance the internet has had over the last two decades and how it will continue to expand and change the ways in which we behave and work. It is a revolution, and we are only in the beginning stages. As with many revolutions previous to this one, no one can be sure of what the outcome will be or when it will be. But when it comes, I hope it will have been worth the wait. As for now, I am looking forward to it, and enjoying what we have currently, a tool that is beyond comprehension for many of us, but one which brings us power and communication that we would not otherwise have at our disposal.


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