Campaign to Save Pub Steps Up

March 24, 2009 at 4:14 pm (Cardiff news)



The campaign to save one of Cardiff’s oldest pubs have stepped up as time is running out before it gets demolished

The Vulcan Hotel, Adam Street, Adamsdown, has been under threat since plans were announced to knock it down to become a car park for St David’s 2.

The pub, which is owner by Cardiff brewery Brains, is situated in the middle of a car park and it has now been decided that it will be demolished to make more room for parking.

The pub, which is 155 years old and become apart of Cardiff’s historical culture, is only five years away form being classed as a listed building, which would prevent any damage being done to it.

The campaign has been ongoing since September after the announcements were made last year to save the Vulcan and make it a listed building to protect it. But the campaigners are having to step up the campaign and gather increased support before time runs out, as the pub is planned to be demolished in June.

T-shirts have been made with slogans saying “Save the Vulcan”. There have been various protests organised and events to raise awareness and gather support.

Support to sae the pub has also come from Assembly Members Jenny Willott and Jenny Randerson.

Facebook groups and blogs have been set up to gather support, the biggest group being -Save the Vulcan with over 700 members.

Rachel Thomas is the campaigns organiser for the Liberal Democrats, Cardiff and has organised the campaign to save the Vulcan.

Miss Thomas said: “Cardiff is becoming like every other city in the UK- same shops, same restaurants and faceless bars, same atmosphere. The Vulcan characterises Cardiff’s character and must be left to thrive.

Miss Thomas said the pub was a reminder of Cardiff’s history from when it used to serve the workers on the docks, and this was an important part of Cardiff’s history.

A protest was held outside the Senedd to present the 5,000 signature petition to the Assembly’s Petitions Committee.

On 12th March a literary night is being held in the Vulcan, with writers including Peter Finch and John Williams, and musician Heather Jones.

On March 16 a concert will be performed at the pub by the Orion IV String Quartet, who will play a selection of music that has existed since 1853.

Dr Bernard Kane, violist in the quartet said: “The Vulcan represents and example of our past here, in Cardiff. Once a building like The Vulcan is destroyed it can never be replaced. That part of this city’s history, along with the memories of our ancestors basically would be torn down with its destruction.

“I am passionate about saving The Vulcan as I have seen far too many buildings of its like destroyed to create pre-fab structures that will not last even a fraction of the Vulcan’s age.”

So far the campaign has received a lot of support from Cardiff residents who do not want to see the Vulcan demolished. The group have sent round a petition with 5,000 signatures was handed to the Welsh Assembly to put pressure on them to stop the plans.

Miss Thomas said: “That is not a number the Welsh Assembly Government can ignore. I am more than confident that the Assembly will do everything it can, I am confident that we can win.

An idea to move the Vulcan to St Fagan’s Museum was strongly rejected by the campaigners.

Miss Thomas said: “Moving the pub to St Fagan’s would be a crime. Why close a thriving business in a recession, spend thousands and thousands of pounds moving it to a museum for it to rot as an empty shell? The pub is a living reminder of our history. It has stood on that plot of land on Adam Street since 1853, and doesn’t deserve to be dumped in a museum.”


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