Social Media Squabbles

April 15, 2009 at 9:55 pm (Cardiff news, new age journalism, Web 2.0) (, , )

There is no denying that social media has been pretty useful for us, not just in terms of keeping in contact with friends and family, and also fulfilling our needs to find out what is going on and what people are doing, but it can also help with useful contacts. Twitter is the latest one that seems to have suddenly risen up from the depths of the unknown into every bit of conversation I hear at the moment, whether it is on the news, radio, TV or even in everyday conversations with friends, they are all talking about “twittering”.It is a good way of tracking people in your chosen profession, especially for journalism, as many high profile journalists are on the networking site.  Unlike facebook, Twitter means you can follow anyone you like and are able to message them without worrying about privacy settings or having to add people as friends.

This has it’s pro’s and con’s. Like I said it has great communication benefits, but it can also lead to stalkerish tendencies. Some may be harmless, but when people start stalking their ex’s and love interest, it is only going to lead to disaster and heartbreak. There have been a couple of cases now where ex partners have assaulted or even killed their partners because of facebook messages or changes in their relationship status. A case a few months ago showed a man whose ex changed her relationship status to single killed her in a jealous rage.

Another concerning part of social networking that may cause problems is for high profile people. They will have to be careful of what they put out on their profiles, and what they say that represents their feelings or opinions as it suddenly gives a large part of the public and insight into their lives and personalities. This is always going to be like walking on broken glass.

Figures in the community also need to take care. The latest case emerged today, where a Cardiff Assembly Member, Jonathon Morgan linked his Twitter post to a website which featured negative images of Cardiff on a weekend night. I don’t think the picture would come as much of a shock to anyone who has been out in Cardiff on a Saturday night, or even on a match day, when it is obvious most of the photos were taken. It is messy to say the least. But instead of being concerned about what to do to tackle the problem, other Assembly Member’s have attacked Mr Morgan, saying he is promoting offensive pictures.

Perhaps they should be considering ways to help clean up Cardiff and deal with the problems rather than vindicating someone who exposes it. Instead of squabbling between each other, perhaps they should consider the problems that Cardiff suffers from on nights such as these and concentrate on cleaning up the city rather than worrying about protecting the city’s image.


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